Tips on How to Maintain Long-Lasting Brick Masonry

Bricks are famous for their durability, and some of the oldest structures today are made from brick. However, just because bricks are durable, this does not mean you can ignore them. The trick to long-lasting brick masonry is to keep up with maintenance.

Maintenance requires:

  • Checking for any water damage and signs of wear and tear.
  • Checking to ensure your eaves trough is not overflowing and running down your brickwork.
  • Completing necessary tuckpointing as fast as possible.

As long as you take care of any issues when they arise, your masonry is easy to maintain and should not be impacted with regard to structural issues. Here we provide all you need to know about maintaining masonry year after year.

Prevent Moldy Bricks

For bricks that receive very little sunlight, or are close to wet vegetation, there is the chance for mold, moss, or mildew to grow. So if you notice this, take care of the problem using products from your laundry room. Mix bleach and a gallon of water, and then use a bristle brush to clean the area. Never use a wire brush, or else it will rub off onto the brick causing it to either go rusty or discolor. Before you clean, make sure to soak your bricks with some water to help stop them from absorbing the bleach.

React Appropriately to Different Brick Water Damage

There are several ways that bricks can become damaged just by water alone. The first is if the brick is in an area where water rises and soaks the bricks. If the mortar and bricks are overly soaked they will begin to crack. Also, a tide line will be visible. This represents a build-up of salts that was left behind from rising water.

Learn the Top Brick Masonry Maintenance Tips

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