Masonry in Modern Homes

Think masonry is just for old-world castles and traditional homes? Modern architecture is embracing this age-old craft, giving it a fresh spin. Here are quality masonry ideas you may want to request from professional masonry contractors:

The Best of Both Worlds

Masonry brings durability and a classic look. When mixed with modern design, it creates a unique blend. You get to be creative with the structure or surface in question if you hire the right contractors.

Material Choices

Modern homes often feature concrete blocks, stucco, or even glass bricks. These materials combine well with traditional stone and brick. You’re not limited to just one, go ahead and mix it up!

Flexibility in Design

Modern design is all about clean lines and minimalism. Masonry can fit right into this. Use thin bricks for sleek walls or large stones for dramatic accents. The options are endless.

Texture and Depth

One major plus of using masonry in modern design is texture. It brings a tactile dimension to smooth, modern spaces. Imagine a stone accent wall in a minimalist room. It will definitely leave a deep impression to visitors.

Energy Efficiency

Stone and brick are excellent insulators. Pair them with modern energy-efficient designs, and you have a home that’s not just beautiful but also green. Less energy for heating and cooling means lower bills.

Practical Considerations

While masonry can be a bit costlier up front, it pays off in the long run. It’s durable, requires less maintenance, and adds value to your home. Budget a little more now for savings and style in the future.

In a nutshell, modern homes and traditional masonry are a match made in design heaven. You get the durability and timeless beauty of stone and brick, coupled with the sleek, fresh look of contemporary design. What’s not to love? Your modern home can benefit from the character and robustness that masonry brings. For quality masonry services in Memphis, TN, turn to us. Quality Masonry is a name that you can rely on for the job. For inquiries, dial (901) 230-3091 right away!

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