Indoor Masonry Features to Put Into Consideration

Who said masonry is just for exteriors? Spice up your indoor space with fireplaces, accent walls, and other stone or brick features. Your trusted masonry contractor can definitely get the job done. Ready to rock your interior design? Continue reading below:

Start with a Plan

The first step is always planning the masonry project. Measure your space, decide on a budget, and sketch out your ideas. Don’t just wing it. Knowing what you want helps you stay on track.

Choose Your Material

Brick and stone materials are the two big players. Brick material brings warmth and tradition, while stone adds a modern, luxurious feel. Think about what vibe you want to create and go from there.

Fireplace Fundamentals

There’s nothing like a cozy fireplace. You can go traditional with red brick or modern with stacked stone. Remember, fireplaces need more than just masonry; ensure you consult with experts for safe installation.

Accent Walls 101

Accent walls can transform a room. However, don’t just slap on some bricks or stones. Use mortar to ensure they stick, and consider sealing the surface for long-lasting results.

Indoor Columns and Arches

Why stop at walls? Columns and arches are unique features that make your home stand out. Use them to divide open spaces or simply as decorative elements. It’s functional art for your home.

Upkeep and Care

Yes, it’s inside, but you still need to maintain it. Dust and vacuum regularly, and check for any cracks or loosening stones. Regular upkeep keeps your features looking fresh for years.

There you have it, your guide to adding flair to your indoor spaces using masonry. Whether it’s a roaring fireplace or a chic accent wall, the right masonry work can elevate your home to new heights. Plan well, choose wisely, and don’t forget upkeep. And if you need a masonry contractor that you can trust for your project, turn to Quality Masonry. Our services are highly recommended in Memphis, TN for the quality masonry work that we deliver. Give us a call at (901) 230-3091 now!

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